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Hello, I’m Mark Pettit. I coach, consult, train and write about productivity, time management and creating high performance businesses.

I help people and teams get clear and focused on what matters most in their business and their life.  This helps them become more productive, more effective and more profitable and gives them more freedom to do the things they love.

I replace overwhelm, frustration, stress and stuckness with clarity, focus, happiness and positivity.

I’ve always loved a bit of structure and thought I was pretty good at project management and having a clear focus.  In one of my previous roles as Managing Partner at a successful marketing agency I was given the responsibility of developing the strategy for the business, delivering the financial targets for the business, managing a team of 30 and leading the marketing account for Heineken UK, as well as other brands.

I had so much to do, not enough time to do it in, so much to think about.  At the beginning I was not sure where to focus my efforts next, who to delegate which projects to, how to prioritise and I didn’t have the right systems in place.

I was overwhelmed, stressed, wasn’t as effective as I should be and had no time with my family.  I knew I needed better strategies, systems and tools.  I knew I needed clarity and focus.

So I took a big step back, reflected and built my own system. This included focusing on what mattered most within the business, creating a clear vision and way of working, setting some bold goals for myself and my team and building a productivity system that allowed me to become more focused, more effective, get more done in less time and most importantly it gave me more freedom to spend with my family.

This strategy doubled my productivity, helped the business have its most profitable year, led to the creation of a high performance team and helped me lead some award-winning campaigns for my clients.

I want to share these systems, strategies and tools with you to help improve performance, productivity and profitability.  I want to help you create more joy and freedom in your life and help you reach your aspirations and achieve your boldest goals.

I will be your cheerleader, champion and sounding board, giving you the courage, mindset and focus to create a remarkable life and business.


  1. Headed up the Heineken UK marketing account for the last three years working with their coolest beer and cider brands
  2. Won the ISP and Marketing Society Awards (Oscars of B2B Marketing awards) twice
  3. Helped over 1,000 businesses increase revenue by at least 10%
  4. Created brand platforms for Strongbow cider and Sol, Tiger and Krusovice beers
  5. Helped launch the first ever UK newspaper subscriber loyalty scheme, Times+

That’s the scoop on my professional life

Want to know more?

When I’m not helping business owners get more revenue and freedom from achieving their goals I can be found

  1. Helping my mentees plan and set goals for their business
  2. Relaxing reading the latest Jack Reacher instalment (Killing Floor is still my favourite)
  3. Coming up with new burger inventions (beef brisket and Siracha mayo is my current fave)
  4. Talking long walks along the coast with my wonderful wife and two children

If you want to know even more, here are 3 things most people don’t know about me:

  1. I’m a Bake Off fan on the down low (Season 3 was my favourite)
  2. I still love listening to some old school hip hop and catching re-runs of Fresh Prince
  3. I’m a coffee nerd at heart and can often be found seeking out new single origins

Want to learn more about how we can work together?

If you would like to arrange a free Productivity Consultation or to discuss any of my Productivity Coaching programs please call me today on +44 7812 183017 or to find out more about how the 90 Day Productivity Accelerator program can help your business click: