According to a recent research article, up to 50% of company employees are talking unprompted about the company they work for within their social network.  This form of marketing should be great news for any business.

However, it could be even more powerful if all company employees became true advocates of the business they work for, spreading an inspiring message about their company to clients, suppliers, new business prospects and their social network.

Nobody knows your company better than the people who represent your company and brand every day. And they naturally have a vested interest in helping the company create a successful business — so getting them involved provides a unique and creative angle for your marketing efforts.

Why should your company create an army of advocates?

 90% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know.  With many employees having large social networks your company could be tapping into a new opportunity to market the business.  If each employee has a social network of 100 people, that creates endless opportunities to market your business.

How to create employee advocacy

There are three simple steps to create this advocacy and inspire your employees:

Company Story and Vision

The company should stand for something, have a tangible story or have a very clear reason for being, or mission statement.

If your employees understand what your company stands for, they will take pride in the company making it far easier for them to talk about and market your business with real passion.

They need to understand why their work matters and what makes the company different from competitors.

If you don’t already have a mission or positioning statement, think about creating a simple one that communicates your business relevance, captures attention and explains why customers should want to do business with you.

Company Culture

The culture of a company is implicit in the personalities and values of senior management. A strong and clear culture can give everyone the proper framework to work within.

Culture is shaped mostly by how your leaders act, whether a single person or a leadership team but it must inspire a legion of employee advocates.

If you communicate your company values and culture explicitly and continuously, both internally and externally you will create employee advocacy.

If your company grows, this culture will help keep it on track, steering the company vision forward in the future.


To empower employee advocates, it’s important to focus on their involvement and engagement. Holding monthly company meetings to talk about client wins, review business performance etc are important in fostering and maintaining morale and cultural buy in.

Creating leadership groups to focus on business development can create ownership for the direction of the business and empowers employees to talk positively about their experiences.

Every business should create and empower an army of employee advocates. They will help to market and sell your business as well as discovering a deeper meaning and opportunity in their day-to-day work.

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