When was the last time you truly received exceptional customer service?  Today, Last Week, a Month ago, can’t remember?

Delivering exceptional levels of Client and Customer Service should be part and parcel of every-day life if you deal directly with your customers.  This is your opportunity to create Fans, Loyalists and Advocates.  It is your opportunity to build customer loyalty, which in turn could lead to increased spend, referrals and the ability to deepen your Relationships with your Customer/Clients.

In my everyday life there are only a few examples of retailers, brands and businesses that deliver the level of service I expect, and occasionally go above and beyond – which means they have my ongoing loyalty.

One of which is a company I visited yesterday.  I had to take my car in for a repair to a garage I have used for the last few years.  I use a local company rather than a group with garages in every major city or town.  I found them initially as they were local to where I once worked but they have had all my motoring business ever since.  I’ve also recommended them to a few friends – why, because of the exceptional service they provide.

The owner was, and always has been, incredibly honest on the length of time the repair would take, and, because I’m a loyal customer, always tries to keep the man hours at a bare minimum.  This is all great, but the difference, and why I keep, coming back, is the Relationships I have with them.

They know who I am which is nice, the cars I’ve owned and seemingly, all of the past repairs I’ve had done.  They have created a Relationship with me by bothering to spend time investing in me.  I am now a Fan and an Advocate for their Business, spreading the word to my Social Network.

While my car was being repaired it was also given a diagnostic check including checking my oil, water and tyre pressures, a mini service if you will.  And, as an added bonus they washed my car.  Little extras that really do go a long way to build that Person to Person Relationship.

This is the power of delivering great service and for Small Businesses who rely on Customer Loyalty and referrals it is absolutely essential. More companies should follow suit and focus on the power of Client and Customer Service as it works perfectly for both parties – the customer is happy, loyal and wants to tell their friends while the company knows that customer will come back and spend more money with them and hopefully deliver a few more new customers.

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