Productivity Breakthrough Session

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This session will help you:

Gain more clarity on your business vision and goals

Tame your Inbox

Stop Multi-Tasking and focus on your most important priorities

Achieve more by doing less

Build a Productivity System that drives results 

Grow your sales, income, revenue and profits

Start on the road to better levels of confidence, happiness and health

Deliver high performance and value every day

At the end of the session you will have:

  1. Clarity on your vision for your business
  1. Laid out one or two clear goals for your business with strategic milestones
  1. Identified some of the challenges and blind spots holding you back from managing your time and being more productive
  1. A next step action plan based on your goals
  1. Feel renewed, inspired and re-energised about your business

Are you overwhelmed, stuck, unfocused, don’t have enough time in the day or a clear focus and direction on what matters most now and for the future?

If any of this is ringing a bell with you then my Productivity Breakthrough Session is just what you need to get the clarity, strategies, systems and tools you need to work smarter, not harder.

I will give you the skills, habits and rituals that I used to run a £multi-million marketing agency, lead a high performance team of 30 and deliver £million sales driving campaigns for global brands.

It’s not about getting all of your tasks done or finding more hours in the day.  I will help you make the maximum use of your time by a process of elimination and prioritisation that will give you the kind of focus that will create real change and transformation

The cost of the Productivity Breakthrough Session is £349

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