When we decide to set a bold or challenging goal for ourselves it usually only becomes real when we write it down and tell our closest family and friends about what we are trying to achieve.

One of the best ways to help us achieve the goals we set is by creating a real emotional connection with the goal we want to achieve.  This could be related to weight loss, a spiritual or mental shift or be related to achieving a specific goal within your business.

By creating this emotional connection we become ‘all in’ on doing everything in our power to achieve that goal.  It allows us to really get a sense of how we will feel when we achieve the goal.

If we go one step further from the feeling, one exercise to do is to visualise yourself a. achieving the goal; and b. sensing the true impact achieving that goal will have on your life and your business.

Another exercise in self-motivation is to actually ‘create a vision’ of who you want to be and then live into the picture that you have created as if it were already true.

This is an incredibly powerful motivation tool.  It can give you a specific reason to wake up in the morning fully charged to start another day to becoming the vision of who you want to be.

You can take elements of this vision and cut it down into motivational quotes that you can read every morning or refer to when you’re struggling or have hit a roadblock.

It will always mean you are up to something, working towards something, focused on something, hungry to achieve something specific.

This vision or goal should be aspirational and challenging.  It should be exciting, motivating and memorable.

It may take some time to achieve but it is your vision and you will know when you achieve it.

It reminds me of a story I once heard about Arnold Schwarzenegger.  After he became famous as a body builder in the documentary ‘Pumping Iron’ he retired from body building to become an actor.

His first forays into feature films didn’t go too well but he had a clear vision for his future.

His vision and goal was to be the number-one box–office star in Hollywood.

At the time this seemed like a pipedream but we all know how his future turned out.

He became the number-one star in Hollywood with Terminator 2 grossing over £500million worldwide.  He created a vision of who he wanted to be and didn’t let anyone sway him from his dreams.

A future vision can be created right now.  What’s yours?


About the Author

Mark Pettit is a Productivity Coach and Business Growth Consultant.

He helps entrepreneurs and business owners install powerful productivity strategies and systems that, when implemented, transform their business and their life.   By focusing their attention on increasing productivity they get more done in less time, have more freedom and achieve their goals quicker.

He gives them the clarity to focus on high value, revenue generating activities that deliver business growth creating high performance, productive and profitable businesses.