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Hello, I’m Mark Pettit, Productivity Coach, High Performance Business Consultant and Founder of Lucemi Consulting.

My Mission is to help overwhelmed Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Management Teams and others improve their efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and profitability.

I help them gain the clarity and courage to focus on what matters most within their business and do more in less time so that they can lead the life they want and get the freedom to do the things they love.

I teach and coach using the strategies, systems and tools that helped me run an £8m business, lead high performance teams and deliver £multi-million sales driving marketing campaigns for global brands


If you are overwhelmed, stuck, going round in circles, struggling to manage your time effectively or looking to work with someone to build and grow your business, then you’re in the right place.

What would doubling your productivity could mean for your business?  What would it feel like if you could do more in less time?  How would you feel if you had more freedom in your business?


To get some simples strategies and tools to manage your time more effectively you can take my Free 30 Minute Productivity Discovery Session.

If you want to shift the needle, focus on the most important things in your business, double your productivity, improve your time management skills and become more effective then Book a Call to take my Two Hour Productivity Breakthrough Session.

You can also work with me on my 90 Day Productivity Accelerator Program where I will coach you in the art of reclaiming your life and finding the time, space and freedom to create a life that allows you to work more effectively AND live fully.  This program will get you clear on what really matters in your business and life, will change your mindset, will level up your clarity and focus and take your productivity, profitability and business to a whole new level.

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